With V-TRIKE Christine Gaigg and Bernhard Lang are making a statement encompassing both the fundamental and the continuing nature of their joint loop aesthetic and grammar, subject of all TRIKE versions e.g. TRIKE summer (2004) at ImpulsTanz or TRIKE (2005), the version including actors, dancers and musicians at Tanzquartier Wien and Theater am Neumarkt Zürich.


In V-TRIKE sampling and looping are used to contrast human movement with a programmed machine. During the performance dancer Veronika Zott and choreographer Christine Gaigg jointly realize a score in which human movement at times attempts a congruent reproduction of the projected programmed movement, at times contrasts with it and at other times, completely ignoring it, holds its ground next to it. In a live choreography and performance the score is executed afresh and differently each time. As a result the audio loops, recorded on a brass plate, create a variety of percussive pieces of music.




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Christine Gaigg on V-Trike