ten2hundred is dealing with a particular model of networking –a child's activities during its first year of life. I wanted to take my personal situation as a chance to produce my new piece not beside but together with my one-year-old son Luis. I took the opportunity I gained through my experiences with the child to elaborate a basis of movements and structures for the choreography. Every single moment in Luis’ life hides a huge potential.


The first step in this project was the direct transfer between the dancers and the child. The structural frame constitutes itself through those aspects which astonish us most when we observe the movements of a child: developments which are happening not synchronized but run together at a certain point into a synchronized pattern, the unbelievable drive the subliminal restlessness before the next huge step in development is done. All inter-relations are continuously recreating themselves. Even though we as adults do know too well what will be happening on the next level of development, it is always unexpected again.

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