First night on the occasion of the opening of the Tanzquartier Wien on October 11th 2001


Choreography Christine Gaigg


elaborated with the dancers: Pernille Bonkan, Keren Levi, Luis Neuhold,

Liz Roche


Composition: Max Nagl


Live Music: Melissa Coleman (Cello), Max Nagl (Saxophon/Elektronik), Josef Novotny (Elektronik)


Lighting Design: Jan Wagner


Projections: Gert Tschuden


Costumes: Linda Redlin


Choreographic Assistance: Anna Schrefl


Photographs: Michael Rausch-Schott


Production: art:phalanx / Heide Linzer


Length: approx. 40 min


A co-production by Tanzquartier Wien and 2nd Nature dance group.

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