The complexity of an art action is high, but also or precisely when the action only lasts for 40 seconds. If the complexity exceeds the possibilities of a society a sore point has probably been hit.

In DeSacre! The choreographer Christine Gaigg interweaves the latest Pussy Riot art scandal of 21 Februaryy 2012 with scenes from Le Sacre du Printemps, which was premièred in 1913 by Igor Stravinsky and Vaclav Nijinsky in Paris. The clash of the two art works points out their motives as well as their social implications.

In the architecture of the St Joseph’s Chapel, which was built in 1772 over several storeys of the Vienna Hofburg and the present-day presidential chancellery, the aspects thrown up also address questions to our society: What is desecration? To what excent does the Pussy Riot action go beyond pure provocation? Is everything answered with the argument of the sacrosanct?

Foto: eSeL